30 November 2009

Gaia & Shelf

Today we had a nice day together, laughing a lot, that my daughter has a sense of humour is clear.

My neighbour knocked on my door he had been given my parcel by the postoffice by mistake. I was happy to find it was my order from Shelf that had arrived. They have finally opened a online shop for those of us that don't live on Brick lane, cool has suddenly come a bit closer!
This nice cup is by Japanese illustrator Shinzi Katoh, will be a christmas gift for Osci.

29 November 2009

Science Museum and our Fiat

Went to South Kensington to the Science museum. A day for the kids, Oscars friend and he had a great time in the play areas of the museum. There we saw the original version of our car the Fiat 600S displayed, to my partners pride. Science museum is such a great place for kids, and there were a lot of them so for us adults it was not the most relaxing Sunday, hubby went early to bed to catch up with the sleep.
We had a busy weekend with Thanksgiving party yesterday, and looking for a new car... we love our Fiat 600 in the pictures above but being a family with 2 kids we really could do with a bit more space, and now when I know it is actually fit for the museum im even more worried about driving it.
Hoping I will be able to go to the Design Museums Animation event organised by Ranko Andjelic.
Have a look at Vejacecilias blog for nice give aways vejacecilia: Moleskine giveaway.

27 November 2009

baby vintage

I found some great vintage kids clothes when I went home to Sweden last time... gorgeous stuff.
Check out www.ebbaviktoria.com where I sell them!

18 November 2009

Unicycle Film Thomas Hicks

This work looks very interesting, he is animating with string and puppets, dark and light, see his music video here
I will try and go and see his and other films at the 2009Animate screening at Tate Modern 3.12

15 November 2009


Bumped into Elliot in our local park today and had some fun looking for treasures, and leaves. Oscar scared me the other day he came into the room feet and hands completely covered in a dark matter... that later transpired to be water solvable stuff, but he gave me a fright. Now im gonna watch the next instalment of Merlin on demand. goodnight. Godnatt.

07 November 2009

Höst pyssel

We got these lovely felt figures in a autumn activity pack from our local cornershop man for free and I just had to do something with them, I love the eyes made of plastic that you glue on begs to be played with... my son is still a bit too small for anything co-ordinated creative activity, he doesn't want to do what you are supposed to, he paints with the glue, and puts more paint on his body theb on the paper, all the glitter on the floor and he cuts up my drawings wih scissors... I go crazy and fall out of my role as the creative teacher and become a cleaning fixated mum... I dont wanna be like that ... I would like to not care about crumbs and paint going on the floor, but I do and there will inevitable be more mess for a while longer...

03 November 2009

trunks, socks and moo

I received my moo cards in the post,(even as there is a strike)! So now I can happily give out my business cards to anyone who wants one.
I went into a local shop today that sells school uniforms etc, and I found these lovely socks for Gaia proper English quality, vintage but not second hand, and these swimming trunks that Im not sure I will ever get Oscar to wear, there were others really lovely size 12 but I think it even less likely he will wanna wear them when he turns 12. Mummy loves them, though.