30 August 2009

vild katt

vild katt, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

Il Borgo

Il Borgo, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

Morgon på farfars hotel, Oscar vaknar först av alla och vill gå ut efter ha väckt mig, vi går ut barfota och lyssnar på tuppen, träffar en liten katt unge, sen kommer farfar/nonno han blir chockad att vi går barfota, vi går tillsammans och dricker cappuccino och äter nybakta cornetti (Italienska croissanter).

11 August 2009


love&lavendel, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

We are trying to decide about our holidays in the last minute, we havent booked anything yet since we haven't got a passport for baby Gaia yet, bit the prices are soaring and we have to go and visit our families, to fit it all in seems alot and to please everybody involved is difficult the problem of living in self inflicted exile...
I have discovered some nice tools in Photoshop I will play around with it some more and show the results,

05 August 2009

visiting friends

We had some nice visitors today Anna and her baby brother Isak. Then we had a play in a park with one of the few sandpits around here. Oscar got stung by a bee but was fine...
Tomorrow we are off to the Italian Consulate to get the passport for little sister, then we can finally start planning our holidays, cant wait!

04 August 2009

happy tape

I bought thes decorative Japanese masking tapes from happytape I have to start geting creative with them... I have to organise my days a little better. But now I need to go to bed tomorrow I have 2 playdates lined up, phew..

01 August 2009

Fairy cakes and Sainsbury days

Today has been a day at Sainsbury, we spent several hours eating in their new style restaurant which is actually nice, no really, and great for kids food, their caffe latte is not bad either. I'm thinking of bringing my sketchbook next time and do some people watching, a great place for it.
Then I did a bit of driving around the parkinglot of my partners Fiat 600 (looks like Luigi from Cars). I have yet to brave the main roads, have to get used to its little quirks. When I stopped I realised I hadn't released the handbreak whilst driving thats why it felt a bit weird! I felt very sorry for my partner who's pride and joy is this car.. but its nothing our favourite mechanics the Gonella brothers can't fix!

I don't know if these are Norwegian I doubt, but this art show by 26Oslo I'm sure will be interesting, the nice people from Cosmicmegabrain are behind it, and they do know how to throw a party. Its on until the 2nd so check it out.