20 September 2011

Manors, castles and cobbled streets

last weekend Italian Nonno took us to Bath and on the way back past Stonehenge.
We stayed in a very nice place on the way there with a beautiful garden Newbury Manor Hotel the name evokes Jane Austen heroines for me and going to Bath was another evocative journey. I met up with Danish Maya an old friend of mine and met her little son Jonas and they showed me how great Bath is for kids we went to have a coffe and play in the kids theatre The Egg next door to the Theatre Royal. Thinking about it makes me wanna move to Bath, it seems such a civilized place, but as my friend was telling me rents and house prices are very high.
On the way home we stopped by Stonehenge and it is impressive still even as it is presented today and even though you are made to walk on a conveyor belt around the monument listening to a dull text in headphones rather then taking in the atmosphere of the place, anyway with a little wild 2 year old I didn't manage to really take it in fully, should go back there on midsummers eve. We also managed to stop by at Windsor castle, and we had a peek into the hugh park outside of it, and nonno was impressed maybe by the essence of Englishness.

03 September 2011

Calabria August 2011

Calabria August 2011, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

We had some hot days in Calabria in the summer house by the sea! A great place for kids to run around! We left the big one there he will be back intime for the school start.