28 October 2009

Priscilla and Fabrizio

bridesmade, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

We enjoyed a lovely Catholic wedding in southern Italy the region of Calabria, in a little lovely church with the whole family of my partner gathered, this is Livia, who was a bridesmaid, with outfit handmade by her mother, she also made Oscars clothes, such a talented lady.

12 October 2009

10 October 2009

Christina Rossetti "Echo" Victorian Poem movie animation

found this artist work, who brings to life poets reading their verse. It gives a beautiful and eerie feeling.

09 October 2009

BLU at Deitch gallery - New York - September 2009

i love their work, so much work condensed in time, the flickering of clouds in the sky, its animation of life.

08 October 2009

Oli & Osci

Playdate with little Oli.
kids played and we had a lovely Ragu made by my Italian friend, this week we are socialising alot since my partner is away, and we don't want to be home alone so we keep busy.
Today I bought a dress for my sister in laws wedding and high heels, and I am wondering when ever am I gonna use them again? But they are very nice.

07 October 2009

Boys play

Had a friend over for tea, I made swedish food upon request and made my first macaroni gratin (makaronipudding)
Easy as anything: serves 2 adults and 2 children
boil 4 dl macaroni or small pasta shapes very al dente
cool under tap and drain well
pop into butterd oven pan
whisk 1 egg 3 dl of milk and cream, season with salt black peppar and a pinch of nutmeg.
pour over, add meat to taste, ham I used bacon that i fried first.
grate loads of good cheese over
pop in 225ºc for 30 min.
Yummy in my tummy

04 October 2009

kids etc

kids etc, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

my favourites from flickr are mostly kids lately probably since I am nurturing my newly started group on flickr "Wild kids" which is a bit like raising a child, it needs a lot of attention and care or it will wilt an die.
I found so many wonderfully wild and etherally looking children on flickr.
I am fashinated by the idea of the wild child, with wild I mean true to its own soul, a child which is happy and self contained, and in contact with the wild and the very innocent. I feel that I have found several photos that portrays those feelings.

03 October 2009

Sugar hill Cafe

Went for a coffee and lovely homemade cake in our local cafe today a lazy saturday.

01 October 2009

Surströmmings skiva

The last days at my parents we had Surströmming a fish that is sour, preserved in something acidic, it stinks so my dad had alot of trouble to open the can outdoors and then getting rid of the can, however he then eats the stinking fish with potatoes, flatbread, and chopped red onions with a lot of pleasure.