20 September 2013


We finally got to baptize the last one... Its gets harder to organise anything for the third child. But then I think of the British family with 17 kids who baptized like 5 kids at the same time to save time, and we were't that late he is only 18 months.
Cosmo is very special to us and it was a lovely day for the whole family. We decided to do it all last minute, when we anyway were visiting the Italian side of the family in Calabria, south of Italy. There baptisms are a big celebration with tons of relatives invited to a big party. Me and my partner are of the understated kind so we wanted it as simple as possible without bomboniera - the lavish favours that are commonplace here, and we only invited close relatives. But as Cosmos Nonno would host us in his hotel Il Borgo della Marinella we had to decide on a menue and cake design, table decorations and the lot. But with the help of my partners aunt Nici, who also works in the hotel, we got away very easily. The night went well, with some chaos in the church with all the kids running around, but the locals didn't seem bothered, and we have a memory for life.

18 September 2013

Sommarens resor

 På väg hem från Italien stannade vi i Bomarzo Bosco Sacro (Sacred grove), nära Viterbo. En park med statyer skapta i en lokal sten, av monster och mytologiska odjur och gudar skapade runt på 1500 talet. ett mytiskt ställe som gjort för reflektion, och vi kom dit tidigt en Söndag innan de flesta Italienarna hade kommit ut från kyrkan, ungarna älskade det.

  Det kända Casa Storta  ett hus byggt i en lutande vinkel, som att vara i lustiga huset.
 På stranden i Calabrien
 Gaia med bästa sommar kompisen.

16 September 2013

Missing pictures

I'm very sad because I deleted all my blog pictures from February by mistake from my mobile, since Android phones are all Googley I thought that deleting my Picasa album would create some space for all the kids silly apps, and I didn't think it would actually wipe them off the cloud, altough as soon as I had pressed delete there was a kind of chilly sensation of emptyness... and now after I have come back from the summer brake I realised all the pictures are gone... so either I pack up my blogger account and go Wordpress or I persevere with the Google/blogger/picasa/youtube empire that runs our lives?

07 August 2013

The Puddle official music video for French for Cartridge

The animated video I made for French for Cartridges track the Puddle from their new album We Humans premiered over at Clashmusic.com
Its a lovely song and the thought of rain and cold at the moment is quite refreshing.