25 September 2009

my sisters place

its such a lovely space to be in, my sisters house and I appreciated to stay with them so did my son who loves his cousins to death, we just whish we saw eachother more often. I love when we or she make cakes and we watch silly romantic comedies or thrillers late at night once the kids have finally fallen asleep. Just to share the life of another family for awhile is very rich, and living an expats life in London makes it so much more rare...

23 September 2009

parmegiano & pomodoro

parmegiano & pomodoro, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

At my sisters house where everything is beautiful to behold and photograph, since she is a interior photographer its a bit like living in a set, but a lived in one, there are enough toys littering the floor for it to feel very authentic.
We have been eating very nice food as well since she was working with a chef, taking foodie pictures and later we ate the food yummy warm salmon, feta and colliflower salad.

12 September 2009

Cut out days in Funbo

My parents place is in Funbo outside of Uppsala, beautiful green landscape punctuated by ancient meadows with Rune stones, and cows grassing. The air is filled with the sweet scent of autumn, but the days have been surprisngly warm, and the kids have gone around in short sleeves.
We have been having fun Oscar has been playing with his older cousins and we made some cutouts with which they created a little drama that I edited to a little film the 6 yearold was very happy.

03 September 2009

sacred and profane

la madonnina, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

the baby is sleeping, I have just spoken with friend M. on the phone for 45 min, her worries are worse then mine so it is a relief for both of us, i listen to her and I also feel better myself.
Then I called my IT savvy friend G. and he helped me on the way to solve my problem.
The real problem however is not technical it is wound up in a lot of emotions and is one of self belief and courage.