03 October 2010

baby no more

vintage sale, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

my baby has grown so fast... cannot believe when look at her sometimes how big and clever she is... time flies with kids thats for sure

05 September 2010

This is Anerley

Our new place that is still a mess but I like the way the light is reflected on the laminate floor which by the way is called "Nordic Pine" and on the walls we have painted a matt Swedish white (alias stockholms vit ) As one of our visiting friends commented "I can see Ebba choose the colours looks like we're in IKEA" I wasn't amused as you can guess, but I suppose I rather have IKEA look then a dark rustique style.
The canal is right at the end of our garden and among the large trees is our own pear tree full of fruit, a remainder from the orchard there used to be on these grounds.

28 August 2010


Calabria 2010, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

we left little Oscar at his nonna and nonno in this paradise in Calabria, I miss him sooo much and speak on the phone everyday, he has meet some new friends, and is enjoying himself but its hard for us, we miss him a lot.

10 August 2010

new life old life

I took my son to the street where I grew up, it was surprisingly emotional when I showed him the stones where I used to play as a child, it felt like yesterday I was running around there, and my body rememberd the feeling of the stone under my fingers.
I wish he could have the same feeling for stones and woods I had.

30 May 2010

Helsingfors days

On a visit to Helsinki/Helsingfors and my friend the childrens book Illustrator Linda Bondestam, I took some pictures of her colourful flat and very cute kids.

02 May 2010

19 April 2010

April light

We had Oscars 4th birthday on Saturday I was exhausted afterwards and swear never to do another kids party ever again...
Then on Sunday we where treated to some Sardinian delicacies by a friend, kids where roaming their huge garden! Made me feel I was somewhere else then London, but then with the sky so quiet and blue these vulcanic days London is not the same.

11 April 2010

Children of Ceausescu by Kent Klich

These pictures by Kent Klich
are beautiful but horrific evidence of crimes done to these young children.
This girl she likes to dress in a pretty dress just like any other little girl! When I see these children I have to think about my own kids and it puts thinkgs in perspective, how much love and affection they are getting and how little some other kids have.

The childrenhomes are still there in Bulgaria there has been similar mal treatment of children, as highlighted in the BBC documentary Bulgaria's abandoned children.
How can this happen in Europe today?
if you want to support these children this is another charity doing great work there.

07 April 2010

Easter bunnies etc

Had my family over from Sweden in our little flat for Easter, it was busy times, spent most of time organizing, cooking and washing up, but it is so quiet now when they have gone and I miss them alot... I had a great easter! How was yours?

20 March 2010

Herr : )

The project im working on at the moment is together with the illustrator and artist Linda Bondestam, who illustrates brilliantly surreal childrens books in Swedish language in Finland. She draws on the rich heritage of Tove Jansson and the Moomins, but has a strong individual voice, so it is very big pride I have started a collaboration with her.

19 February 2010

sleep deprived

Playing with our fantastic Swedish friends.
Staying up late plus baby who wakes up 4 times at night is not a good receipt.
I was given a book by another mum this week she came and rang the door one morning before rushing off to work, said you might find it useful, so now im trying to get time to read "the no-cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley, I have never been a fan of all these routines that you can do to get baby to sleep such as the contented baby book, but I like the tone in this one, wether it works or not for us is another matter.
This is the latest animation from talented Max Hattler who also works with his equally talented Japanese companion Noriko Okaku.

16 February 2010

pop up, bondex and star pasta

Been a good start of the week got some great news from Finland will have to go to Helsinki soon
wich reminds me I have to book a lot of tickets for all the trips we have planned...
but at the moment Im happy to be here in my own space doing, planning drinking my coffe while Gaia is asleep and the wild one at his lovely nursery.. we are so lucky in so many ways and I don't usually take time to appreciate it. It must have bee the influence of Valentines day or the new year of the Tiger... or is it simply that its carneval time and everything seems to be possible.
Im so happy for the Swedish win yesterday in the Olympics and so is my mom! Kalla forever!!

07 February 2010

Pretty Pink

colourpink collage
saw friends of ours today with whom we spent some days in Canterbury last summer just when our baby was new born and here is a collage I made from photos from the trip. Makes me long for the British summer ( sic!)

02 February 2010

I'm in Pop- up shop

Come around next week to this lovely event :
February 8th - 14th
Celebrating the release of "Liquorice" with a week of exclusive art and live performances at Speedie's, 81 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ
check out the place seems very nice

24 January 2010

photographing on the streets of Rome

Entering a new decade, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

Looking at my pictures from the christmas holidays that we spent at my inlaws place in Rome. I also met up with and old dear friend with whom I spent the new years eve of 2000 in Naples with and now we celebrated again after 10 years New years eve together but this time in Rome, a bit older, wiser and less crazy...

21 January 2010

first days of the new decade

these days I have spent with my nearest family in Sweden, the landscape is almost unaturally beautiful, white glistering snow covering forgivingly the landscape.
Playing and screaming in equal measures at the kids my own and the cousins, playing games and trying to loose graciously, loving to be with my family and wanting space in my head to think, trying to get a perspective on my usual life.