25 November 2012

ballerina detail

balleria detail, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

House is a mess after kids have wrecked their room over the weekend, sooo tired goodnight! The drawing is part of my obsession now with ballet and all the trimmings.

12 November 2012

Katie in the caff

Katie in the caff, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

Going through some old stuff and found these photos I took and printed myself when I was a student at Kingston University all that time ago. Strange today that we when using Instagram or other apps are now harking back to the old visual effects of the developed photo and use it as a filter to enhance the value of otherwise mundane images of our lunch, and in only a digital overlay of older worldly scratches can our flickering of images be read as valuable. Maybe its alluding to the value there was in the skill and labour of lovingly process and develop and print the photograph in the darkroom, whereas todays click of a button mean that its all to easy to create a photo, we don't have the same natural mechanism of editing and selecting so we end up with an incredable amount of photos , but its quantity over quality.