20 December 2009

park light

It was very cold today and my feet froze in my leather boots, but the light was beautiful and we found a treehouse in one corner of the park, where Oscar pretended he was watching TV, thats probably a sign he is watching too much of it.
Our usual park looks different when the landscape is covered in snow and ice.

17 December 2009

Lussebullar, snow and roses in Sydenham

I am more christmasy this year then ever before, I was never big on xmas decorations and baking but now I have done both ginger biscuits, saffronbuns and marsipan figures in chocolat, to cheer us up today since we have been confined indoors the whole day, since Oscar is ill. Here its snowing big flakes and it feels very Nordic.
Found Lolitas blog today.

14 December 2009

Lucia and xmasgift swap

Today I received in the post the lovely screenprinted shirt from Sara, thank you! And we finally got to see some Lucia we went all the way to the Swedish church for some beautiful Lucia celebration, lussebulle and real Swedish coffee. Now watching The age of stupid, scary but important message, lets save our planet!

10 December 2009

visits from the past

Had friends visiting these days and it all went to fast wanted more chats and laughs, have't seen them together since we finished college so it was revisiting of past memories, and hopefully we see eachother before 7 years past again.
Just makes me think about how time is fast and that all the are days passing by. But also that time can be relative and that people dont seem to change that much.

03 December 2009

wrapping christmas

Getting into xmas mode... getting gifts and decorating the house, but this year I really don't want to spend a lot of money, and we are going to his family not mine so it will be a slightly different "Jule" then usual.
I love everything in this stationary shop Papernation especially these christmas stickers,

01 December 2009

New shop

here I will sell stuff I have found during my travels between Uppsala, Lodnon and Rome. Some kids clothes Scandinavian quality designs, vintage clothes, funny odd things and drawings and paintings I have made.
Please visit ebbsings