22 February 2011

Ballongen Spricker

Mitt absoluta favorit program som liten, har alltid undrat vad det hette så hittade jag det genom ett forum med en massa andra TV nostalgiker. Det håller än tycker jag, det har ju inget av dagens teknik och special effekter men det är välskrivet och har en slags magi som var tilltalande som barn.
(SVT, 1978 Ballongen Spricker del 1.)

19 February 2011

stayed in most of today but managed a visit to our local Anerley library that is threatened by closure, so these days I really want to support it, would be terrible loss if it went.
Talking about books, I am fascinated by the conflict between Stieg Larsson's widow Eva Gabrielson and his brother and father, who inherited everything. There is lesson in there for us all about greed, family and freedom. When its concerning millions of pounds and the success of his books is so ballistic so really there are a lot of money involved, the worst comes out in people, its hard to know who is right and wrong, when both parties obviously have opposing views and say different things, but an interview on Swedish TV with the brother of Stieg made me change my mind in favour of the biological family since she doesn't seem to want to talk with them and they are offering her involvement and to become board member of the estate etc. but she is all about revenge, she wont take any crumbles offered she wants all the control or nothing.

18 February 2011

16 February 2011

birthdays and snotty noses

Dimitris 5th bday, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

we have just survived several weeks of illness now we are back on track, I just hope the sun is gonna come back soon

Dimitris 5th bday

Dimitris 5th bday, originally uploaded by ebbaviktoria.

gaia is not feeling to well but she enjoyed partying anyway

13 February 2011

Spring is in the air in Catford

On my way back from a party in Bellingham leisure centre i took a walk down to Catford. Somehow it seemed like another world with its Jamaican market stalls and indian hair shops, and the Broadway theatre with its Art deco, grade II listed glory is a landmark, but the stagedoor cafe seems to have passed its glory days.