19 April 2010

April light

We had Oscars 4th birthday on Saturday I was exhausted afterwards and swear never to do another kids party ever again...
Then on Sunday we where treated to some Sardinian delicacies by a friend, kids where roaming their huge garden! Made me feel I was somewhere else then London, but then with the sky so quiet and blue these vulcanic days London is not the same.

11 April 2010

Children of Ceausescu by Kent Klich

These pictures by Kent Klich
are beautiful but horrific evidence of crimes done to these young children.
This girl she likes to dress in a pretty dress just like any other little girl! When I see these children I have to think about my own kids and it puts thinkgs in perspective, how much love and affection they are getting and how little some other kids have.

The childrenhomes are still there in Bulgaria there has been similar mal treatment of children, as highlighted in the BBC documentary Bulgaria's abandoned children.
How can this happen in Europe today?
if you want to support these children this is another charity doing great work there.

07 April 2010

Easter bunnies etc

Had my family over from Sweden in our little flat for Easter, it was busy times, spent most of time organizing, cooking and washing up, but it is so quiet now when they have gone and I miss them alot... I had a great easter! How was yours?